As much as good designs look like a result of a nice design eye, The world of UI/UX stands for many standards and regulations. designers often find themselves making tough choices between adding elements that might look stunning but not too functional and elements that are nicely functional but not appealing

What to prioritize? Is the fit of a product more important than how it looks or vice-versa? It is a matter of Aesthetics vs functionality in UI/UX!

What is the aesthetic and functionality of a UI/UX design?

Aesthetics is a core design principle that defines a design appeal in visual terms. It includes factors such as balance, color, movement…

In a previous blog, we explained “Why is Magento the #1 choice platform for e-commerce?” and we gave examples of popular websites that use this platform. By the end, we concluded that Magento beats all other platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and BigCommerce…

If you need more details about Magento: features and benefits explained plus examples: check the previous blog Magento for web development.

But is Magento the only platform that offers such a strong package of features and extensions? Let’s make a detailed comparison between Magento and other e-commerce platforms!

Magento VS Shopify

According to reviews and ratings, Shopify is…

Developing an e-commerce website has become more than just a common investment among commercial enterprises, it turned into a necessity, due to the rise of online shoppers and easier access to products online. And the competition among companies in developing the most attractive website to increase sales is getting tougher.

And here’s where Magneto comes, the popular PHP-based open-source e-commerce web development platform that provides a flexible shopping-cart system plus a detailed overview of the online store leading to powerful marketing as well as catalog management and ensures a high spot in the search engine results.

Magento is highly targeted…

A landing page isn’t just a web page where you add content that explains the purpose of your business, it is basically your shop window, your lead generator, and your main operation’s conversion portal that instruct your visitors to take product/service buying action, so you better take careful care designing it!

While social media users might find your services by chance without the intention to look for them, people who are actively searching for key terms in Google are proactively looking for a solution to their problem.

The key to succeeding in your landing page design is to pay focus…

Design and coding go hand in hand in creating powerful user experiences BUT, operationally speaking: design and coding are two totally different fields taking action in separate departments. Years of innovation brought up to tools and processes still couldn’t help enough ease the hard efforts of managers and coordinators in a daily attempt towards achieving efficient synchronization between frontend developers and UI designers. The struggle is real and endless!

What actions can be taken to emphasize cross-departmental collaboration between developers and designers, depend-less on the team’s size? What are the best practices for synchronizing design processes with development operations in…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “ Blockchain”, especially if you’re a crypto enthusiast. You were probably surprised by all the hype about this revolutionary invention that was launched in 2008 by an anonymous person/group with the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, or as some may call it the “next internet”, got the spotlight in the tech world. But is that the only domain that Blockchain may take to the next level? Another example that deserves just as much hype as cryptocurrencies: Healthcare. How and why? …

What is holding design teams from delivering top-notch designs for every single project? Is it time-consuming repetitive tasks? Unorganized design processes? Lack of fruitful team collaboration? Or inconsistent Design practices?

If a project falls from success it is often due to the lack of alignment around common goals! You might be aware of the team mission and in perfect understanding of the project requirements, but it is the different direction that each design take that holds the project in the middle ground with the incapability of moving forward. …

The past decade has been marked by one tech movement to another, but the real boom came with the internet of things, that never stopped thriving since it first innovation in 1999. IoT went hand in hand with web development to create more powerful digital solutions with the advancement of tech languages for frontend and backend development.

Mature web development is now pushed to the next level thanks to the internet of things!

How and Why ? Find it all in this article!

How the IoT and web development field blend together?

You might be thinking that what connection can be between two completely different fields! …

If you do believe in the title written above, then you have missed A LOT of OPPORTUNITIES!

Design systems are the talk of the IT and design world for so many reasons that cant be denied. Offering the high value of consistency to Designers to optimize their design process and feel free to extend their creativity and the efficiency in every thing they do is just a blessing!

What a tough year isn’t it? The working from home system seems to be officially the new norm, pushing many businesses to reconsider the way they operate. Shifting to WFH complexity differs from one business to another, while some jobs only require simple equipment to operate, others do need to set a whole costly strategy to be able to operate outside office.

Working in a reputed software development company, we were privileged, my colleagues from developers to project managers and me, to be able to shift our work to telework safely from home without any delays or problems. Back at…

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