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With the dramatic business environment change and Consumer behavior shifting from in-store to online, COVID-19 left no choice for B2C & B2B companies but to catch up on the train of digitalization.

As unfair as it is, While small and medium-size companies had to struggle to survive, digital giants didn’t even have to worry about the interruption of their services.

But Little do you know SMEs can still find a place for them to prosper!

Here’s how smaller companies can stay relevant by not only coping with titans but overcoming competition and beating them in their own game leveraging DATA!

Data advantage

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UI design and consistency go hand in hand in crafting a good visual experience for your users. When it comes to responsive web design we are talking about different screen sizes that make it easier for the user to detect any inconsistencies and flaws and it can drive even the most promising products to failure.

This blog is about the best practices designers can approach to meet user expectations

What consistency stands for in UI design?

Consistency in UI design refers to making sure that every element composing the user interface is uniform and coherently behaving to deliver a constant user experience throughout every page of the…

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Usability Testing for flawless digital solutions

Design UI/UX with empathy is one of the core value of design thinking. Any digital solution meant to solve a challenge must be developed with the eyes of a user yet Putting yourself in the users’ shoes is easier said than done especially when it comes to sensitive digital solutions such as healthcare apps.

Guaranteeing designing the right UI for the right UX and vice-versa is a matter of actually testing the usability of what you are developing!

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is the practice and process of testing: How functional is a design and how practical and easy is it to…

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Information Architecture for web design

Ever tried to look for specific information on a website and you fail to find it? Did you ever get annoyed for wasting time trying to understand what a website is about so you end up looking for another?

The logical path your eyes take seeking info on a website isn’t random. It is a strategically planned process called Information architecture.

This blog is all about AI and how valuable it is to succeed in the user experience.

What is information architecture?

Information Architecture or AI is the strategic visualization and organization of information on a website to be clear, visible, and understandable. …

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2021 top technologies

It is obvious that Technology advancements are not willing to take a break any time soon. New day…new technology…deeper impact on our lives!

Whether it is a small, medium, or large organization, transforming digitally and implementing technologies in every process is a matter of survival proved by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here is a list of the most trending impactful technologies carrying with us through 2021.

5G Technology

Although we were grateful for the 3G and 4G technologies for allowing us to browse the internet, use data-driven services, increased stream Spotify, youtube, etc…did we stop asking for more?

5G Technology is the next…

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Basics of Visual Design

Whoever said don’t judge a book by its cover knew nothing! People always tend to judge a book by its cover and therefore stands the visual design concept. The way a product looks affects the way the user experiences it.

Visual VS Graphic design

The term Visual design is often confused with graphic design and UI design, though they all fall under the same umbrella they do serve slightly different aspects.

Visual design is all about the necessary aesthetics for an appealing digital solution. it is strategically planned through the implementation of different elements. While a Graphic designer’s role is to generally communicate the…

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Use Throttling

API throttling allows you to control the way an API grants access by setting permissions to validate certain API calls. It limits and controls the data that a user can access through API by defining temporary usage states. As a developer, You can have multiple levels of throttling based on the intended users. For example, you can restrict sensitive information on users below 18 y.o while granting access to the same info for users 18+.

Allow overriding HTTP methods

The X-HTTP-Method-Override HTTP works as a custom header with a value of either PUT or DELETE when invoking your Web API via JavaScript or via…

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Guide to API development

When we discuss mobile development we certainly come across zillion topics about the API: the superheroes behind the functioning of the mobile apps. API plays a major role in many domains with the increasing dependency on cloud spaces, API is the first approach for many organizations to implement and manage the most complex processes.

Let’s dig into the big world of API!

What is API?

The application programming interface or API in abbreviation is a set of programming code, steps, instructions, and standards that connect one digital product or device to another to enable data transmission and the employment of external features or…

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What is Interaction Design?

When we say interaction design the first thing that comes to mind is UX design! Well, it is no surprise as both terms are often related. Interaction design might fall under the umbrella of the UX world yet it is an impassable core skill with its own job description.

So what is interaction design? How does it compare to UX? And how special is an interaction designer? Answers all in this blog!

How to define interaction design?

As simple as it is, Interaction Design can be defined as the art of building meaningful relations between the user and the product. It includes varying relations according…

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Adaptive UX Strategy

Design plays a major part in the development of any digital product. But when amazing-looking UI seems to be the main focus, UX is what actually builds a successful product.

Good UX isn’t an option, it is a core existence for the entire project so mapping, realizing, and testing it is a matter of a good strategy in order to develop digital solutions that are accessible to all types of users in as many use cases as possible.

So how should teams plan the UX strategy, decide which problems to solve or what features to prioritize?

What is a UX strategy?

UX strategy is what…

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