As much as good designs look like a result of a nice design eye, The world of UI/UX stands for many standards and regulations. designers often find themselves making tough choices between adding elements that might look stunning but not too functional and elements that are nicely functional but not appealing

What to prioritize? Is the fit of a product more important than how it looks or vice-versa? It is a matter of Aesthetics vs functionality in UI/UX!

What is the aesthetic and functionality of a UI/UX design?

Aesthetics is a core design principle that defines a design appeal in visual terms. It includes factors such as balance, color, movement…

It is 2021 and still the Covid 19 nightmare reigning on the global economy and doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. We no longer need to discuss the importance of digital transformation for businesses to overcome this crisis yet the huge shift towards digitizing processes and operations is still pending for many businesses facing different challenges to communicate, collaborate and deliver work remotely. Many business owners are even confused about where to start!

This blog is a simplified and tested road map to drive your digital transformation and elevate your business post-pandemic phase.

Here are the initial steps to take:

Conduct general business analysis

Just like any concept that has an input and expected output, design isn’t about taking random actions to find a result, it is a very precise process that follows major steps into achieving a coherent design.

This process consists of well-thought steps developed through design history that not only help to plan out the work but also systematize what has to be done in order to achieve the set goal.

Here are the most important 7 steps that every designer should go through their expected outputs to drive a project to success shores

Step 1: Study every aspect of the client’s request, project briefing, and feasible options.

Before taking action comes understanding! The rule…

No matter how creative you can get with your UI there is always a structure and architecture to respect! Designing UI is not random it follows The Anatomy of the user interface that describes the separation and positioning of different parts within the visual interface

Composition of a digital screen

Every digital screen you see is is a composition of 3 major elements:

* Color
* Typography
* Spaces

No user interface can exist without those elements and it is very important to start your UI design process by identifying them while Other parts might be complementary like Iconography, Depth, and Motion.

This anatomy applies…

Principles of Gestalt in UI design

Our brain is consistently analyzing and memory-comparing visual patterns like shapes, shadows, colors, and everything we see in order to form, thought, vision, knowledge or action..etc

In the world of UI/UX, we design with a measured vision in an attempt to make the user perceive the digital product the right way

This is where Gestalt principles interfere: Rules to help us understand the way we perceive elements of the world around us!

How important are Gestalt principles for designers?

Experienced wise designers don’t design to impress but design with a psychological thought of how would their users perceive the entire product and how would they deliver the…

Developing a digital product brings many challenges from making sure of the feasibility of the idea to finding the right development partner but when it comes to app development or web development you add to that the challenge of deciding which technology task your project will be built on!

This blog is all about how to nail your tech stack choice according to your project needs and which technologies are time-proven and recommended by our experts for your help?

What is a technology stack?

A technology stack or solution stack is an infrastructure and an ecosystem of tools, frameworks, programming languages, technologies, components (including front-end…

When it comes to development the options to choose tools for your projects are so varied. The web frontend development tech stack is extremely rich, multifaceted, and regularly updated that often drives confusion among business owners about what to really opt for to upgrade one’s business digitally?

You might be thinking why to bother…Angular isn’t it enough? Well ..there are a lot of options that might be well better fitting for your business!

What is React JS?

React JS as defined by experts!

Initially created by FaceBook for its internal work ended up becoming open-source and gaining huge popularity among developers seeking to learn it and adopt it. React JS…

Whether it is about interior design, artistic design, or any design field the color palette choice you can start with seams unlimited! But little do you know that in the world of UI designers, creativity in color choice isn’t that open and that every bad choice might affect the user behavior and emotions.

This article is all about the science and psychology behind the choice of colors in UI design and how to nail your color palette like a pro!

What is color psychology in UI?

Color psychology in the UI design world stands for the study of the impact of applied colors in User Interface…

API Web Monetization

WHY DO WE DEVELOP DIGITAL SOLUTION? Whether it is to offer certain services or ease user life, seeking profit remains the main purpose! There are many ways to generate revenues from web monetization: API plays a major role in many domains with the increasing dependency on cloud spaces nowadays as it is the first approach for many organizations to implement and manage the most complex processes.

Let’s dig into the big world of API web monetization!

What is API?

The application programming interface or API in abbreviation is a set of programming code, steps, instructions, and standards that connect one digital product or…

Tips to Pair fonts in UI like a pro

When we think design, we think shapes, color templates, and a smart combination of matching fonts! As a designer, it is crucial to be able to pair fonts and establish a clear hierarchy by size and weight in your designs but don’t worry Arsenic design team is here to help! Whether you are aiming to design logos, infographics, or UI templates, etc, here are the best practices recommended by our experts to pair fonts like a pro!

Understand the science behind font pairing

Superposing fonts isn’t a random process, it follows a scientific approach of how user’s eyes navigate on the screen to find information. …

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